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We provide consultancy services in all areas of Project Management for the Construction and Engineering sector based on the requirements of the customer.  

Our teams
expertise in fields of feasibility analysis, planning, project finance, contract / claim management, cost control  as well as system establishment / integration, analysis and reporting enables projects to achieve success in timely completion within budget, quality and shareholder satisfaction.  

Plan: Pre-project planning services such as project selection, feasibility and risk analysis are provided.   Subsequently, the  Project Management Plan is prepared including  all knowledge areas. This forms  the baseline of the execution stage.  Schedule management plan is detailed, considering  the  requirements of both the contract and the Project management team.  This stage can be performed using world leader applications like MS Project and Oracle Primavera software.

Manage: We provide assistance and coaching on any required technical and/or administrative issues during project execution on site.  Project schedule revisions and “what if” analysis are conducted under continuously changing project inputs. Contractual issues in both technical and legal aspects are handled in coordination with the executive and project team, considering  the impact of possible outcomes of claims and change orders.   

Monitor:  Project progress is monitored proactively, both in terms of trends indicating the perfrmance against timely and budget completion utilizing critical path analysis and financial indicators and earned value analysis.  This enables our customers to take the necessary precautions and actions before entire progress and financial outcomes of the project are affected.

Report: Management reporting systems and tools are implemented enabling the executive team to  follow trends and forecasts, governing the projects by taking effective and efficient actions on time alligning with the strategic objectives of the project and company. Reporting systems and tools are standardized and generalized throughout companys all processes by the utilization of project management and enterprise resource planning softwares and tools.    

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